Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ronald Reagan's Blood Up For Auction



The 5” glass vial with a half inch diameter has a green rubber stopper. Dried blood residue from President Reagan (1911-2004) can be seen clearly in the vial with a quarter-inch ring of blood residue at the end of the inserted rubber stopper.


Authentic or fake is another matter. The point is - why would anyone be bidding for this? Even if some idiots are bidding for this 'piece of history' (rolls eyes) - why would the foundation of former US President Ronald Reagan (err.. ???) have a problem with this auction? [Link]

Unless… they are worried about some nutcase attempting to clone this nutcase. Although, I am pretty sure such an attempt would require more than just dried blood residue. Not to mention – an extremely sad set of brains.

Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat kya hogayi bhagwaan – kitna badal gayaa insaan.
Paise hain par akal nahin hai, bewakoofi ki koi hadh nahin hai – kitnaa badal gayaa insaan.

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