Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sopranos – Characters I Despise

Given that there is hardly anything worth watching these days, I usually pull out one of the old series and watch those again. Recently, I started off with The Sopranos – probably for the 20th time. It is a wonderful show and I can probably watch it another 20 times without getting bored.

However, there are some characters that I just can't tolerate. They make me grind my teeth every time they are in the frame.

Livia Soprano – Played by Nancy Marchand. This character doesn't even have to open her mouth to tick me off. Just the sight of her makes me want to strangle her.

Janice Soprano – Played by Aida Turturro. Die! Worthless, good for nothing, irritating, annoying cunt.

Carmela Soprano – Played by Edie Falco. It is all about Money Money Money with this bitch. Mostly that is what ticks me off. The rest of the times, it seems like she WANTS to pick a fight. Really want to watch her getting slapped around and being kicked out of the house and into the street.

Charmaine Bucco – Played by Katherine Narducci. Looks ok but her Holier Than Thou attitude makes me want to choke her to death.

Adriana La Cerva – Played by Drea de Matteo. Talks too much. Add to that, just hate the hair – colour and style.

2 Opinions:

Surya Murali said...

All female characters!!

Er... when did you turn a misogynist?

L o r d R a j said...

It is not that 'I hate women'. I just can't tolerate idiots. It just so happens that in this particular show, there are more idiotic women, than men. Hardly my fault.

About the show, it's not like I have listed all the female characters. There are plenty of female characters that I actually like - Meadow, Dr. Melfi, Gloria Trillo, Valentina, Svetlana.