Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ajmal Kasab's Mercy Plea Will Be Processed Fast: Shinde


"If Ajmal Kasab files mercy plea, we will ensure that it is disposed of in minimum time," Shinde said when asked whether Kasab's execution would take time since he has the option of moving a mercy petition.


That's being rather optimistic. Perhaps we should have Shinde define the term minimum time.

Shinde (just like every other politician) is used to making statements and then disappearing in the crowd when his assurances fall flat*. For instance, Shinde (Union Energy Minister, at the time) had said in 2007 'by 2009 every village in India would have round the clock electricity and by 2012 - every household in India would have round the clock electricity' [Link 1, Link 2]. We all know that didn't happen.

Here is another fun fact for you:

Afzal Guru was sentenced to death in 2004 for a crime committed in 2001. He filed a mercy plea in 2006 and it took the government over 5 years just to process his file and submit it to the President!?!

The petition (along with 10 others) is still pending with the President's secretariat.

* It would be unfair to simply highlight Shinde's incompetence when the rest of the government machinery is just as incompetent (if not more). That fact remains unaltered irrespective of the party forming the government. It could be the BJP or Congress or NDA or UPA - they are all equally incompetent and inefficient.

The fact most people don't realise is - The problem isn't just the political leadership / face of the government. The root of the problem is the bureaucracy. What you need to do is get rid of the bureaucratic bottle necks. Overhaul the IAS / Civil Services. Simply changing the face that gets blamed for the fuck ups is not going to solve anything when you aren't really addressing the problem!

In other words - Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

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Shayari said...

the president should take a very early decision! this is something that cannot be delayed. the sufferings and the anxiety caused by him can only be put to rest if the culprit is punished severly!