Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UP Minister Azam Khan Loses His Cool At Meeting, 'Abuses' IAS Officer


The minister was reportedly angry because the Principal Secretary and the Chief Secretary of the Urban Development Department were missing. When he asked the reason for this, the Special Secretary tried to tell him that the two were busy with some work. "They have gone for some work," he told the minister.

Little did the officer know that this would irk the minister and make him lose his cool. "Is the Chief Secretary above the government?," Mr Khan lashed out at him. And he didn't stop at just that. When the officer tried to give further clarification, he shouted at him and said, "Bakwas karte ho...chup baithiye...badtameez kaheen ka (Stop talking non-sense...sit quietly...you ill-mannered fellow.)"


Firstly, I don't see how Badtameez can be termed as an 'abuse'?!

The only problem I see with Azam Khan's reaction is that he yelled at the wrong person. He should have yelled at the Principal Secretary and the Chief Secretary of the concerned department. They are the ones who deserved the lashing.

For someone who has to constantly put up with idiotic excuses, I can very well relate with what would have been running through Azam Khan's head. In fact, he must be given credit for stopping himself at Badtameez. Some of us just can't control ourselves when dealing with incompetence and insubordination.

"They have some work" !!?? That response is enough to set off just about anyone. What does the Special Secretary think is going on in the minister's office? Staff picnic?! Obviously it would have been related to work, right? It's not as if the minister scheduled a meeting just for kicks. There is no reason why one would want to subject oneself to the yapping of a bureaucrat unless one absolutely has to.

Whatever may have been the reason for the Principal Secretary and the Chief Secretary to miss the meeting, they should have informed the minister themselves. At the very least, they should have offered a written request / memo to excuse themselves from the meeting, citing their respective reasons. Opting to just NOT show up is not only annoying, but most disrespectful.

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