Sunday, August 5, 2012

Team Anna Goes Political, Calls Off Fast


NEW DELHI: Almost a year after his Ramlila Maidan fast for a Lokpal took the nation by storm and brought the government to his doorstep, Anna Hazare and his colleagues broke their "indefinite" fast on Friday on a much more low key note.

Team Anna vowed to "cleanse politics" but its decision to plunge into electoral politics is seen as a response to the anti-corruption movement's reduced traction that encouraged the government not to offer Hazare an olive branch by way of negotiations.


So the Fast-Unto-Death thing was just to make a good headline, eh?

Sigh… don't know why I am surprised. Indian politicians (even those pretending to be 'activists') rarely keep their promises. Guess we will have to wait for Anna to die off (intehaa hogayi, intezaar ki).

Ever wondered why the boring / idiotic / annoying ones seem to live a hell lot longer than they should?!

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