Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bitti Mohanty And Police Touring India!?

The team was supposed to fly on Sunday, but couldn't due to lack of flights.

The team from Rajasthan confirms that the suspect in custody is Bitti Mohanty [Link]:


Kannur, Kerala: A sub inspector of the Rajasthan Police who had arrested Bitti Mohanty for the rape of a German national in 2006, today reportedly confirmed that a man in the custody of the Kerala Police is indeed the rape convict who jumped parole six years ago. The man, who insists that his name is Raghav Rajan, has, however, said he does not recognise the cop from Rajasthan.


The police team took him to the district jail to verify his identify, signature, birth marks and physical description as per the jail records.

… During the journey, the man was not handcuffed

Err… Why wasn't he handcuffed during the journey?

A copy of the jail records from the district jail could have been sent to Kerala Police to verify the identity of the accused. I am sure that would have been easier as opposed to moving the accused from one state to another. Especially given that he is believed to have skipped parole/bail once already and wasn't apprehended for SIX YEARS!

If someone is following the case, they would know that he wasn't re-arrested because of police efforts. Mohanty was arrested because someone snitched on him and informed his employer. The Kerala Police received the tip from Bitti Mohanty's employer.


After visiting the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in Bhubaneswar, where Bitti Mohanty finished B.Tech in 2004, and Cuttack's Stewart School and Christ College yesterday, the police team's leader, Jose Joseph, said: "The B.Tech certificate in the name of Raghav Rajan is forged. A certificate with the same number was issued in the name of Bitti Mohanty."

The details pertaining to the certificates / index number etc could have been verified and confirmed over the phone / email / fax / registered mail. Will someone PLEASE EXPLAIN why there was a need for the Kerala Police to send a separate team to 'investigate' the records of the college/institute?

Is there ANYONE left in that country that has a working brain?! Seriously!

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