Wednesday, March 27, 2013

India To Get USD 2.32 Billion Aid From Japan


India and Japan have agreed to promote their bilateral strategic and global partnership especially in economic and security areas, with Tokyo granting a USD 2.32 billion aid for infrastructure building.

The loan package consists of four projects, including a freight railway project connecting New Delhi and Mumbai, and a subway construction project in southern India.


Interesting. Not so long ago, India committed to offer USD 10 Billion as aid to the Eurozone.

Even in that post, I had asked - How is it possible to commit funds to others when you yourself are seeking aid for your own development!? WHY would you commit to financial aid to another country when you don't have enough for your own development!?

One doesn't need to be a financial genius to figure out that 10 Billion is far greater than 2.32 Billion. Can we please get someone to arrange a crash course in basic arithmetic for the government officials / ministers OR whichever idiot is responsible for forming and implementing government policy!?

Honestly… almost everything about that country makes me sick.

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