Monday, March 11, 2013

Hyderabad Blasts: Police Release Sketches Of Bicycle Used

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It would seem that Commissioner Rao has been watching way too much of CID on Sony TV. I still remember (and laugh out every time I recall) one of the early episodes of the show where the lead 'investigator' recovers some leaves stuck to the bottom of a car and claims (with complete confidence and without the aide of any forensic procedure) 'Yeh patte USSI pedh ke hain' (These leaves belong to THAT particular tree).

Seriously mate, how is a 'sketch of the bicycle' going to help!? For a second, let's assume that it could actually help… now, where the fuck is the sketch?! OR… was it when you were about to provide the sketch for this news story did you finally realise how idiotic this whole thing sounds!?

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