Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader Alternative

There are plenty (although I am yet to find one that works for me) and I am not going to put up another repeat list of the available options (there are plenty of such lists all over the net, already). I am using Feedly, for now. Works, but will need some time getting used to it (Keyboard shortcuts). Still looking for something better.

The Old Reader is a possible option (sounds promising, based on what I read on their homepage). I would have tried it, but when I read it wanted to Manage my Gmail Contacts, something went off in my head. Feedly might be doing the same (it's a chrome extension that links to the Gmail Account) but it was worded differently - Access to your basic account information and Google Reader.

I will probably make a new Gmail Account, import the feeds into it and then access it with The Old Reader. Something to do over the weekend.

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