Thursday, March 28, 2013

Incompetent idiots who have all the time to gossip about useless issues but when it comes to work - 'I am soooo busy'. What ticks me off the most is when these same people talk about 'being professional' and doing things in a 'timely fashion'.

Glorified paper pusher… and most of the times, she can't even get THAT right.

Not to mention - the shrieking banshee voice box! Once in a blue moon when she does manage to do something right, she will make enough noise for the entire building to realise that she has completed a task. Unfortunately, the banshee voice isn't restricted to just notifying completion of a task. If it was, I wouldn't be hearing it too often. The bitch insists on barking over the phone in the same way! You don't need to be on the other end of the phone to hear her blabbering. You just need to be on the same floor!

Won't ever fail to remind me how old she is as if her age serves as irrefutable evidence of her [self claimed, never witnessed] wisdom and experience. Aaarrrgghhh. Stupid annoying irritating cunt!

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