Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crappy Reporting From TOI


Obviously I didn't bother to read the article. The crappy headline was enough to tick me off - but I am sure there will be a typo… at least! Just glancing at the screenshot above, I have noticed one - Wenesday?? Arrrgh… illiterate incompetent idiots!

The headline gives the impression that the death of the 2 year old would not have been worth reporting if the driver had not been related to some politician. It seems that the purpose of the article is to highlight yet another politician and/or kin fucking up. As if negligent / reckless driving of an individual (in this case - a minor) resulting in the death of a 2 year old is not newsworthy!!!?

This nonsense can NOT be termed as 'reporting'.

… AND will someone at TOI get off their lazy ass and proofread the crap being published online!? Is it really THAT difficult to use a Spell Check!? TOI is not a blog. It's supposed to be a fucking News Website!

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