Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ninja Sword Sound Effects Pen


Attack your work with the skills of a ninja with our Ninja Sword Sound Effects Pen!  Need to do a math problem? SHHINNG!  Done!  Writing a check to pay your water bill?  SHHINNG!  You’ll be able to shower tomorrow!  No ninja is complete without this sleek, sword-shaped pen!

It might not be a Katana but it will get your writing jobs done with a cool “SHHINNG” sound effect!

Comfortable to write with?  Meh... what does that matter?... it's a ninja's pen!

Measures 6 inches long.  Plastic.  Ball point, medium tip and black ink.  Requires 3 LR41 batteries (included).  Pen takes D1 refills.


For USD 6 - might make a cool addition to some kid's study table, but I find it rather idiotic.

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