Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watch Made From Recycled AK-47 Gun Metal


Ahem… Priced at USD 350,000.


The organization founded by actress Cara Buono’s husband, Peter Thum, with John Zapolski, of Fonderie 47creates luxury brand items, which then raise money for sponsoring destroyal (sic) of the widespread use for AK-47 rifles in Africa. And following which they use plates and metal from the recycled guns to create luxury items.


Sounds cool and all, but if an individual was willing (and able) to give away USD 350,000 (or more) for the cause - I seriously doubt they would be looking for a luxury item in return. As cool as the watch looks, it would seem a bit pathetic explaining to your other multi-millionaire/billionaire friends as to why it cost you over a quarter million USD.

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