Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kiran Mazumdar's 'Apology'… Hmm.


Firstly… it is Bangalore NOT Bnaglore (*rolls eyes)!

Now let's see this 'news' / 'apology' for what it really is - which is nothing more than a PR exercise for Rohan Murty.

If one were to read Kiran's Saturday tweet, there is absolutely nothing in it that can be termed as inside/confidential information. All it says is that Rohan gave a good presentation.

Corporate governance 'experts' slamming Kiran for disclosing 'board meeting proceedings' - Technically, they do have a point. But … err… it isn't exactly disclosing anything of any relevance, now is it? If one were to think about it - Someone stating that they had Evian water during a board meeting can also be 'technically' termed as disclosing the proceedings.

If the tweet in fact contained any relevant information about the board meeting, then the corporate governance 'experts' would be slamming the media as well for publishing the said tweet in the news articles. Common sense, right?

What this 'slamming' and 'apology' really is about - Is to try to pep up Rohan's name/image after Narayana Murty was strongly criticised for appointing him as Executive Assistant. That's all. Kiran tweets… PR team thinks of this as a great opportunity and decides to orchestrate a 'scandal' of sorts so that the tweet is sure to make it in the evening news. Simple enough.

Now a few more people (not just the Twitter Followers of Kiran Mazumdar) know that Rohan gave a brilliant and impressive presentation and is not the Executive Assistant to the Chairman just because daddy wanted to help sonny boy make something of his life.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

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