Monday, April 14, 2014

Stupid Tanishq Ad

I really like the female model in this ad. With that out of the way, let's move on.

The ad:

  • Girl's father suggests that she should consider marriage.
  • The girl makes it clear that she is not interested in marriage.
  • Her mother walks into a Tanishq outlet and the girl starts trying on some jewellery. Likes it.
  • A sales rep asks 'So, when is the wedding?' The mother replies 'Oh, wedding jewellery… nah. We are not interested'.
  • In the next frame, it is suggested that the girl is now more open to the idea of marriage.

Here is the problem - The ad suggests that the girl is now interested because she would like to have the fancy jewellery. So… another materialistic woman? Just another gold digger (not necessarily in the conventional sense of the term, but still).

As if this wasn't enough… the mother then sends a text to her husband saying 'Even after 25 years of marriage, you are clueless about women' - suggesting that a woman has absolutely no self control or priorities and will easily change her mind if successfully enticed with shiny glittery jewellery.

3 Opinions:

Unknown said...

I thought I was alone in thinking the ad was irritating and annoyingly offensive. :)

L o r d R a j said...

such a relief to see that there is still SOME sense left in this world.

BlasphmousB said...

I find any ad that has a woman hold up a pack of curry powder and say" To be a good wife, _____ Curry Powder!", very offensive! What kind of shitty message are these people sending out to people?!?