Monday, April 14, 2014

Modi / BJP Wave?

It isn't that difficult a question to answer.

Isn't so much as a Modi OR BJP wave but more of an anti-Congress wave. It is evident even from the speeches and rallies. In the rallies and/or speeches, BJP candidates are speaking more about what's wrong with Congress and not nearly as much as what their own plans are.

When it comes to their own plans, all they have to say is pretty much 'We will fix it'. When it comes to HOW they propose to fix things… there really isn't much of a difference between what the different parties/candidates are mouthing (only a few real differences. Most are simply superficial).

Most speeches (if not all) are clearly dominated by what the Congress has done wrong and where all they have fucked up.

The people too are simply fed up with the present state of affairs and will happily lap up just about ANY alternative. It really wouldn't matter if BJP's PM candidate was Modi or someone else. As long as similar PR strategies were applied, the generated frenzy would be just about the same.

I must say… I would love to see a Congress led coalition win the 2014 General Elections. For no other reason but simply to see the shamed faces of the idiotic expert Pundits featuring day in and day out on the news channels.

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