Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Corporate Avoidance


Corporate Avoidance is a free program we designed to unshackle you by taking advantage of the necessary evils of life as an editor.

Corporate Avoidance works by loading screenshots and animated gifs to make your computer look like it’s busy rendering, so you can set a predetermined amount of time to take a walk in the sun to that place that makes the good sandwiches, or pull the plug on a client who insists on sitting-in until the cows come home.


There is another way.

Complete your work! You are paid to do your job, right? So quit being a lazy prick. Finish up the job and THEN take your fucking break to stuff your ugly face with that sandwich. There is no reason to keep your boss or client waiting just because YOU don't feel like working right now.

Chances are, IF you keep doing a good job - A time will come when you just might make it to a position where you get to dictate terms and not just take orders. BUT if you keep avoiding your tasks, it's highly unlikely that time will come anytime soon.

Why make others suffer for your incompetence or lack of sense of responsibility? Their time is just as important (if not more) than yours. Waste YOUR time, if you want to. But there can be no justifiable reason to waste someone else's time.

Another thing - Stop assuming that your boss and/or clients are idiots. If they are - Good for you. That's probably the reason why you still have a job. Just in case they are not - In all likelihood, they would be aware of how long a rendering or a system process should take. A smart boss would also know what all projects are pending and what all should have been completed.

Is it really necessary to resort to such pathetic stunts? Considering that you can avoid all the headache by simply completing your work and behaving like a responsible adult instead of a spoilt 5 year old.

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