Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do Things Really Change?

2006 - NAM Summit, Havana:

2013 - UN General Assembly, New York:

Every time there was an opportunity for a meeting, it was opposed by BJP leaders. The arguments from both the ruling and opposition sides remained unchanged over the years and the same arguments were blabbered out whenever there was a possibility of scheduling a meeting on the sideline of some event.

2014 - Modi Swearing In Ceremony, New Delhi:

This time around as well… the ruling and opposition sides have the same arguments as they did in the previous years. The only difference is - The ruling is now BJP and Congress is now in the opposition. The arguments are still the same, but the party mouthpieces yelling those arguments have switched positions.

Things don't really change. Positions however keep shifting depending on what side one is standing on.

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