Thursday, May 1, 2014

Remember Where You Parked… Hmm


You probably have a trick or two up your sleeve to remember where you've parked amidst a sea of other cars. But if you're still prone to forgetting your parking spot, Google's refreshed Android Search app might be able to help you out. The update adds a new Google Now parking card that lists the address of the place where you left your car, along with a map that shows how far you are from that location. In case the card got it wrong the first time (ever got lost because Google Maps gave you faulty directions?), it can also offer alternative places that you can check.


No comments on the technology or the 'developments' in technology… BUT… it is a rather depressing thought that there are people who don't / can't remember where they parked their car. Seriously… how stupid does the human race have to get before someone does the universe a favour and hunts us into extinction?

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