Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dhoom 3

Finally got around to watching it.

Aamir actually did a decent job portraying Samar and Saahil. That's about the only 'relatively good' thing I can say about this 'film' (although it was a bit difficult to ignore the monkey ears). That said, I can't understand why Aamir would willingly be a part of such crap. But then again, Aamir was also a part of Ghajini (thu).

Here is a screenshot from IMDB, with a synopsis of the film:

  • Avenge his father's death -  Jaggu dada committed suicide. He wasn't murdered!
  • Corrupt bank in Chicago - There is no indication that the bank is corrupt or engaged in illegal activity. The bank was trying to recover a loan.
  • Cops from Mumbai - Why? Logic?

If you think that synopsis is bad… wait till you see the film. The plot is absolutely rubbish!

What's wrong with having a bad guy be just a bad guy? Must there be a justification as to why he is bad? And if you are going to try to give a reason as to why this guy is bad… then don't come up with something lame like because the bank took over the collateral because of non payment of loan. It's a bank… not a charity organisation that gives a loan and doesn't expect to be repaid! Completely different matter that in this idiotic film, absolutely NOTHING is done to the property after it is repossessed. No tearing down, no real estate development, no construction… nothing (*rolls eyes).

It's not that the plot is 'unbelievable' or 'unrealistic'. The plot is unbelievably stupid (bound to happen given that the makers were trying to mash up a couple of Hollywood scripts into one Bollywood film and had to give some footage to talentless cunts like Abhishek, Uday and Katrina… ok. Katrina has SOME 'talents', but unfortunately acting is not one of them).

Aamir's tap dance routine in the beginning - well the audio track is pretty cool. The video feed is horrid. Aamir… tap dance… NO!

The stunts/CGI/transforming motorcycle… it looks childish. Not only could it have been done better… it SHOULD HAVE BEEN done better!

Abhishek Bachchan - Entry sequence - Yaar… kya chutiyagiri karte rehte ho?! Slow motion stunts with a rickshaw?? That would have been bad irrespective of who it was filmed on. Filming it on Abhishek just made a bad sequence even worse! And he continues to make a bad plot worse with every frame he features in.

Uday Chopra - Irritating, annoying, talentless cunt.

Katrina Kaif - Looks great. That's all that is expected from her anyway. Don't know why they bother giving her lines in the film. They should just include her for item songs and that would be significantly cheaper than paying her for a lead role. At least till she figures it out.

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