Monday, July 6, 2015

'Khali Angrez Mat Bano. Pehle Bhartiya Bano' - Rajnath Singh


NOIDA: Giving grist to the English versus vernacular debate in the country, Singh told students in Noida on Saturday they should not try to become 'angrez' (Englishmen) but speak English only when there is a need to.

During a nearly 30-minute speech delivered in Hindi, the home minister said, "English bolne se gyan nahi hota (one doesn't gain knowledge just by speaking in English). One should speak English when needed."


Rajnath 'ji' - One doesn't become 'Angrez' just by speaking English. The same way, one doesn't become 'Bhartiya' just because one speaks some Indian language. Pehle aap ye baat tou samjh len.

Aapke swayam samjh lene ke pashchaat hi nirnay liya jaayega ke aap kissi aur ko kuchch bhi samjhaane ke laayak hain ya nahin. Samjhe? Sigh… agar kuchch samjh sakte tou hum ko samjhaana kahaan padhta. Ab sunn:

There are a lot of things that a Home Minister should be concerned about. Some of them may be of a certain importance. Some may actually be relevant. Surely you can find something worthwhile to do with your time and YOUR POSITION in the government. There is absolutely no need to limit your talks to just these non-issues which have very little PRACTICAL significance. There are plenty of idiots doing this already. Why contribute to further redundancy?

It's a tad difficult to believe (and extremely sad) that all you wanted to convey to the students was 'Hindi bolo aur maa baap ke paaon chchuo'.

You want people to become Bhartiya before they become Angrez - Interesting point. Here is another one - Why not FIRST become a REASONABLE person before becoming anything else (bhartiya or firingee)? Too much for a politician to conceive?

Chutiye log. Thu…

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao.

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