Monday, July 6, 2015


The music was great (except the supposed 'Rock fest' bits towards the end. Those bands were rather shitty). The background score in the film was brilliant!

Prasenjit Chatterjee (Kushal/Anthony) has put in a wonderful performance here. Well done, Sir!

That said, the first 37 minutes of the film - Absolute rubbish. Had I not known that this film was about Anthony Firingee, then I would have definitely switched it off within those 37 minutes.

I am sure Swastika Mukherjee is a reasonably good actress (to say the least), but the character of Mahamaya Bandhopadhyay was pathetic and extremely annoying! For example, The part where she rejects Rohit's (Jishu Sengupta) advances SHOULD've been handled better (by Mahamaya).

Rohit has been flunking for around 4 years or so. Mahamaya has been doing EXTREMELY well, academically (that's an understatement). There is no shortage of sensible reasons to reject Rohit. To name a few - Not as intellectually inclined, is rather creepy, stalker. Mahamaya ignores all these OBVIOUS ones but points out her problem is that Rohit isn't Bengali enough (face-palm)!

Rohit is just as idiotic. I seriously believe that more than Kushal/Anthony, it was Rohit who was in need of professional psychiatric help.

Every time the screenplay moved to the 'Rohit-Mahamaya' plotline or just had Mahamaya in the frame, I couldn't help rolling my eyes. The 'love story' of these idiotic characters and these characters themselves were a hindrance. A hurdle. A major problem that I had to overlook to be able to appreciate an otherwise beautiful film.

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