Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What The…

After Selfie sticks, the world will soon see the Selfie Light Ring (or whatever the fuck it's called)… To address the very serious issue of LOW LIGHTING faced by most Selfie enthusiasts.


That's even more stupid than the Selfie fad itself. Even more ridiculous than Mastercard thinking about using Selfies as a security feature to authorise online payments [Link].

But hey… if it REALLY bothers you so much (and you simply can not function without taking selfies), then I am sure some dumb phone manufacturer (and there are plenty) will come up with a phone that has a front facing flash along with the front facing camera. Perhaps someone a tad bit smarter will put a small screen on the back-cover so you can use the camera and the flash located at the back of the phone (perhaps someone has done that already).

Months later, I will ask: "You can't be serious… how the hell does this even qualify as a 'feature', let alone a MUST HAVE feature?"

I will be told: "You just don't understand technology. People have needs."

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