Saturday, July 11, 2015

Horrible Experience At Xcite

The staff at Xcite Xpress (Marina Mall) had zero information about the products they were expected to sell. But that wasn't the worse thing about my experience.

Given that these people had no idea about the Macbook(s), I had to resort to looking up the product info on their website (while I was at the store). I selected an item and I was told by the staff that I could collect it from the same store on the following day at 11:00 am. After paying for it, I reconfirmed with the staff. I reminded them that the next day would be a Friday. The idiot nodded along and said "Yes sir, tomorrow morning at 11".

The following day I reached there at 11: 10 AM. The idiot who had attended to me the previous evening wasn't in the store. I showed the receipt to the staff present and they said "You will have to collect this in the evening from our other showroom".

I just started to argue with this person when my mobile rings and it's the idiot who had attended to me "Sorry sir. I didn't know it's a Friday. Store is closed Sir. Can you take it later in the evening?" I yelled (naturally) reminding him that when he had assured me of the delivery time, I had reconfirmed with him and told him that the next day would be a Friday.

I was vocal about my displeasure. Not just about them not keeping up with the assured delivery but even more upset about this dumbfuck not bothering to call me BEFORE the promised time!

He came over to the store about 15 minutes later at which point he tells me "Sorry sir and one more thing, the product information on our website is incorrect, so even if you get that item in the evening, it is NOT what you were looking for" (screenshots at the end of this post). So:

  • The website has incorrect info about the product.
  • The staff doesn't know anything about the product.
  • The staff doesn't know about the timings of the other store and warehouse.
  • The staff also claims that he isn't aware of what day of the week it is!

I ended up buying another laptop (which I could have taken the previous day itself). I paid the difference amount. The 'compensation' this individual was willing to offer was a 'complimentary' product worth KWD 30, which I believe is a gross underestimation of the annoyance caused. I told him that he could keep the 'complimentary' product and his money. I also said that the only acceptable compensation would be if he was fired, which is exactly what I WOULD do if I were his boss (might be a bit of an overkill).



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