Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trip To Bombay

A short and wonderful trip to Bombay. Got a chance to unwind and relax with absolutely delightful company in a great hotel. Even if the hotel wasn't as good (thankfully it was), being in such wonderful company just ensures that you cherish the memories of the trip.

It was sheer luck that the weather held up nicely during the few days that I was there. My chilling sessions by the pool weren't ruined by the rains. It wasn't unbearably humid either. It had been raining before my trip, and it started raining the morning after my departure. It was sheer dumb luck that the weather played nice for the days I was there. I seriously doubt that ANY weather app (on ANY phone) would be capable of providing such precise information to plan a trip.

Had a peaceful flight with exemplary service from the very courteous cabin crew. Thank you Jet Airways. Thank you Hifsa.

Arrival at B'bay airport was fine except for the unnecessary queuing required to exit through the Green Channel. It SHOULD be handled better. Especially for those travellers who have limited luggage (standing in line for an hour or more to scan a back-pack does seem pointless).

Interestingly enough, an official at the airport did realise that passengers with just a handbag or a carryon don't need to be waiting in the queue and their processing should be expedited which would be helpful for everyone and reduce the clutter quickly. The only problem was that this chutiya official was of the opinion that this sensible move should be extended ONLY TO non-Indian passengers (*rolls eyes).

It did require the use of some colourful language to convince the chutiya official that I too qualified for this 'preferential' treatment at which point I walked to the front and exited from the Green Channel. Wonder how many others managed to convince this cunt.

Int'l Airport Departure - Even better than what I saw the last time. The lounge was better organised. The staff was mindful of the guests and were professional (wasn't the case last year).

The problems - For some reason (which is beyond my comprehension), people don't use the flush in public restrooms. The cleaners need to be reminded that their services are needed. The passengers at the airport, in their quest of taking selfies and family photos have forgotten that this IS an airport and NOT a photo-studio. That it is extremely inconvenient for the rest of us who have to walk around them while they decide to pose right in the middle of the walkway and take an impromptu selfie (every 10 paces)!

A certain set of unreasonable passengers came to a conclusion that the airline staff did not want them boarding the flight. Loud and annoying complaints. It was easy for me to ignore them and stand on the other side and not herd up like cattle.

Sigh… there isn't much one can do about PEOPLE. Although I do wish there was. I do have some ideas which may be radical but are sure to be effective.

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Unknown said...

What a coincidence! I spent the last weekend in the most exquisite way in the company of a delightful, amazingly interesting and adorable person. I didn't want the weekend to ever end but all good things have to end.

I look forward to meeting again and being swept off my feet over and over.

Thank you, dear... for everything! :)