Thursday, March 6, 2008

Govt. will pay families to have girls - India


Read the news article, then read the blog post my friend had put up. Here are my views on the topic:

I just think it is sad that a government has to resort to financial rewards in order to keep the girl child alive. But then again if it gets things done, why not! (Would this really get things done, that is the key question)

Of course, it would be nice if some (real) effort was made in educating the population about these issues. I just think it is sad to have to bribe the parents for letting a girl child live.

If I could have it my way, I would wait till the parents apply for the REWARD (sheesh) gather them all together, take the kids from them and shoot these bloody pathetic pricks.

While the discussion was going on, some people asked me why I didn't think this (bribe) was such a great approach. After all, it is just lending a helping hand to the people so that their BURDEN of bringing up a girl child is reduced to some degree.

BURDEN!! WTF! ok. This is why I don't think such people deserve any help:

I don't think there is anything wrong in helping the ones who need help, but here is a person who is having a tough time feeding oneself and yet has the balls (and the uterus) to bring another life into the world! If the child happens to be a girl they bang their own heads and then kill the child!! These people don't deserve help, they deserve death!

Furthermore, how about this:

Won't the families now be killing the boy child!? In that family's case, the same logic applies. Earlier they would get rid of the girl child reasoning that, once she grows up - too much expense for marriage and all that. 'Why bother, lets kill her instead'.

Now, if the mother gives birth to a boy child, the family could very well conclude: 'We are not going to get any compensation for this one, why bother with the expenses, lets kill him'.

About the move, well I don't think the primary intention is to get something going for the girl child. In my opinion, the decision's primary goal is to achieve some leverage in the upcoming elections. We all know how these things work, yet sadly, at times, we simply refuse to see things for what they are.

yes.. some will be helped.. "SOME". That is a good thing. But there are better alternatives!

A higher degree of advantage can be achieved with lower cost just by implementing a more sensible approach (somehow educating the people is not considered as a sensible approach anymore, wonder what happened).

The bad part of that sensible approach would be - no immediate benefit in the general elections - which apparently is of greater importance here.

An interesting point was put up by my friend KK (I wasn't aware of this, thanks for sharing), about how Jayalalitha had started a program to work on this (female infanticide) problem:


you know what Jayalalitha did for the girl child?
I think it was a novel idea...she launched a scheme to place a cradle in every district, town and village of Tamil Nadu and told the people..don't kill the child..leave her in the cradle and the government will take care of it......

A move like that, I support completely. That is definitely a much better way to work towards a solution, as opposed to bribing parents so they could kindly refrain from killing their child.

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Mr. M said...

Out of words! you've said it all, raj. I also wonder when the people of the so called Democratic India are gonna wake up!

Just want to say that this is one of the most absurd schemes I've come across that is going to be implemented. I really wonder what the repercussion is gonna be.