Sunday, March 2, 2008

Short trip to India

Left Kuwait on the 28th of Feb. Back on 1st March. All in all a fun trip. Except for a few issues here and there. Personal View - Nothing like a quick trip to India, to make you appreciate Kuwait a little more.

Booked on Gulf Air - Kuwait to Bahrain. Bahrain to B'lore.

Nice flight. Bahrain airport, crowded but managed rather well (in my view).

Had a great time in B'lore. In fact, had such a good time, that I couldn't make it to the airport in time to catch my flight back to Kuwait. Thankfully have a good friend (thanks a lot mate) who managed to get me booked on Jet Airways. B'lore - Cochin - Kuwait.

First About the flights.

Gulf Air was nice. Jet Airways was too good.

The crew is great, very friendly, very professional, great service. I hope it stays that way. The plane is great. Can't think of a single thing I would complain about. Excellent. Want to fly Jet Airways all the time. I would recommend Jet Airways to everyone (Premier Class).

Took me 5 hrs from Cochin to Kuwait. I wouldn't mind if it took longer.


About the Airports

The lounge in Kuwait Airport was ok, usual. The one in Bahrain, even better (obviously)
Bahrain Airport - too crowded but they manage things really well over there.
B'lore Domestic Terminal too crowded, but again managed very professionally.
Cochin - THUUUUU!!!! (I don't care what people have to say about the new airport, my experience was horrible).

I was in Cochin way early. Was watching a bit of Michael Clayton (on my laptop). NO POWER-POINT AVAILABLE IN THE LOUNGE that would support a standard 3 pin plug of my laptop charging cable!!! (no they couldn't even find an adapter).

  • There is no proper lounge after the immigration and security check in (just the normal waiting area outside the gates)- ???
  • No WIFI !
  • The toilet - NO SOAP!
  • No Smoking (no where AT ALL, no smokers zone).
  • No drinking (you can buy a bottle from the duty free, but you can't have a drink) - explanation - private Airport SAAR.. No liCenCCCE (i know that is not how one spells it, but that is how he pronounced it).

If you want to use the Business Class Lounge-facility, well first check-in, then come back to the Airport Lounge - avail the facility - and then go for immigration (WTF!).

If the Check-in counter isn't open, well tough luck. Eat and chill at the lounge and once the Check-in counter is open, go there, check-in and get your lounge coupon and come back.

The lounge won't accept foreign currency!!! (it's the fucking airport for crying out loud!!). I was informed that only the Duty Free section (after immigration) will accept foreign currency.

The guy at the lounge said I could go and get the money exchanged from the counter outside or he could do it for me. The way he said HE COULD DO IT FOR ME - it seemed like he was doing me a huge favor.

Till that point, I had figured - I will pay for the lounge.. big deal.. screw it. Why come back after a check-in just for a free coffee or two. But when he said that (he could exchange currency for me) and the way he said it, I figured these people don't deserve my money (or anybody else's for that matter).

I left my stuff over there (Laptop) to assure him I will return, insisted that I be checked-in immediately (they told me it was too early, I told them I couldn't care less and I wanted to be checked-in NOW), took the lounge card/coupon.. came back - threw it on his counter - and didn't tip him.

I usually tip even for substandard service - although not very generously.. but this was way way way below acceptable levels.

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