Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Readers can leave voice messages on your blog

Just putting this up for information, in case someone may want to try it out. - Beta stage.

Some very cool features like Screen Callers, Call Record ListenIn etc. (Click here for more details on the features)


With GrandCentral, a free service from Google, you can receive phone calls and post voicemails right on your blog

When you add GrandCentral’s WebCall button to your blog, your readers can easily call your phone or leave voicemails without ever seeing your telephone number.
You can screen calls, either accepting them or sending them to voicemail, and you can even block unwanted callers altogether. Learn how to add a WebCall button to your blog

Grand Central Website

WebCall Feature (Allow people to call you from your website or blog while keeping your number private)

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