Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Gangster


It is good. It is watchable. But then again, I usually like most mob movies.

It could have been so much better though. It didn't really have to be so slow either. I am not complaining about the length of the movie (which was about 2 Hrs and 55 Mins), I am complaining about the pace. Hell, I probably wouldn't mind if the movie was a bit longer, as long as it was paced better - but that's me (and it is 1:49 am. and I have absolutely nothing to do).

If you liked The Godfather and the Goodfellas, chances are you won't like this one much. In my opinion, the makers have tried hard to make a movie that could match up to the likes of The Godfather, and have managed to fail. Like I said, it is watchable.

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