Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am Legend


The movie has its moments. I for one really liked the zombies in this. The ending is absolutely pathetic and makes no sense at all, but that is not the only problem.

The dark-seekers die with bullets but they seem to have absolutely no problem when they bang their heads against car windshields or fibreglass doors or ... hell, it seemed as if the zombies were actually enjoying banging their heads against the glass.

Electricity, running water, gas... everything been up and running for three years! wow.. talk about reserves.

Will getting trapped (I think the trap was too good for a supposedly stupid zombie to put up, but whatever), why doesn't the dark-seeker attack him? I mean he just sends of the dogs after him. Now we already know that the Zombie is faster than Will anyways. Will is also injured now. Why not go after him yourself?

I guess the zombie used up all the intelligence in setting up the trap and then didn't really know what to do next.

Compound 6 or something seemed to be working on animals (remember, Will yapping - the rat showing lowered aggression levels bla bla), well the question is - why didn't Will try that on his dog? He did make his final analysis that the cure worked for animals but not on humans. Now, unless whacko Will started believing that his dog was human, I think he should've used the cure on the dog.

The woman and the kid showing up just in the nick of time to save Will from the dark-seekers .. err.. sorry, but really doesn't make sense. Should have really put in some work into that part. I mean, how the hell did they just show up there. and why were they waiting for Will's car to toss over, before they decided to make an entrance? And please do tell us how the woman fought off a mob of zombies by herself?

The movie is watchable. Even enjoyable if you don't think too much.

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