Monday, February 18, 2008

Built-in Cam doesn't work (HP - Vista)

Well I don't know if this solution will work for everyone, but it did work for me.

I am using an HP Tablet, running Windows Vista. The other day I needed to use the cam, and it wouldn't work. MSN Messenger insisted that there was no cam connected. I tried restarting the tablet, re-installing the driver, etc etc. Nothing worked. Looked up the problem on the net, and apparently there are others who are experiencing the similar issues. This is what finally worked for me:

Downloaded WinFlash and System Bios from the HP Website and updated my tablet (will take some time and the system will shutdown). Then, downloaded the drivers for the HP Webcam. I ran the executable file for the webcam driver. Once it was installed, I uninstalled the webcam from the Device Manager and restarted the tablet.

It detected the cam, installed it and now it is working fine.

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