Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Logic

Coin toss. Flipping it ten times and getting 10 heads in a row - the odds for this happening is about 1 in 1024 - 1 in 2^10 - (I might be wrong, I haven't done probability/permutation/combination for over 10 years.. but the logic is pretty much the same.. perhaps the number might be wrong.. but the logic applies)

Yes it is one in a thousand -but THERE IS A CHANCE! It is IM-probable BUT NOT impossible.

Same way, there are other things, that might be MASSIVELY IMPROBABLE - but not DEFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE.

So the logic is - if I try hard enough, if I am willing to exhaust all probabilities, then there is a chance that THAT ONE instance where EVERYTHING IS SUPPOSED TO FALL INTO PLACE (mathematically and logically) will eventually happen.

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Agnel said...

Awesome Logic :D
Really good one raj :)

Inspiring ;-)