Sunday, March 2, 2008

Michael Clayton


Boring movie or may be I just didn't get it. I did try though.

I watched it, didn't enjoy it. I thought it could be because I was tired with all the airport hopping I had been doing. Watched it again. Still couldn't enjoy it. BTW the quote "I am Shiva, the God of Death" - hmm a little too much, don't you think?

A movie about the big bad corporations, ruining the environment, lawyers having a problem with their conscience. Hmm, now how does one say this is boring and crappy -without being called insensitive or unconcerned about real issues (sure) or just too stupid to understand a good story.

Tip of the day - for those of you who will be watching the movie till the end, after Clooney gets into the cab, well you can walk away or just switch it off. Nothing happens, the credits roll by and Clooney just sits there. (psst.. actually walk away whenever you feel like, nothing much happens anyway)

Tilda Swinton got the Oscar for her role in this movie. The performance did not deserve an Oscar, but that's just my view.

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