Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BTW, the roads are still bad. Rather horrible at places where they have come up with flyovers. Even in a Tata Dicor or a Scorpio, you feel and hear a huge THUMP at the beginning and the end of the flyover. That, along with the sound of your back cracking.

People have been telling me that the flyovers have significantly reduced traffic. I am literally terrified when I try to think what it was like before the flyovers!

The streets are not fit for walking, even if somehow, you can ignore the horrible stench in some of the areas. I tried the skywalk. I think that’s what they call it. It’s like a pedestrian bridge. That wasn’t too bad. Relatively cleaner. Except for this one instance where I saw a dustbin / spitbin modeled in the shape of a penguin. It seemed that people had been spitting all over and around the bin, but not into it.

Street lighting – apparently an alien concept. Still a couple of light years away from this part of the world. The major areas are well lit, but I was shocked when I was at the highway – no proper lighting. Ohh and just for the record – THAT is one of the reasons why almost everyone drives here with high beams on. well, that, and some of them just enjoy annoying people. Perhaps there might be a few who don’t know how to put off the high beam.

Shit happens.

The good part though, almost everything can be arranged for you, if you shell out money. Well almost. Unfortunately they won’t pave the road for you instantly. Or may be I didn’t throw enough cash to accomplish that.

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