Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Misbehaving In Class – No promotion


KOLKATA: Misbehave and be denied promotion to the next class. If the authorities at St James School have their way, students will soon be graded on discipline. Even if a student gets As in all subjects, but an E or F for discipline, he will be made to repeat the class. The proposal is awaiting the governing body’s nod…………….

A student will be promoted only if he scores between A and D in discipline, whatever his other grades are…….

A watch will be maintained to ensure students do not keep long hair (against school rules), behave rudely with teachers, bully other students or act rowdy on the school premises. Initially, students of Classes V to XII will be graded for discipline. If the plan works, it may be extended to the junior school.


Hmm. A bit too much, don’t you think? Making someone repeat the class for being a smart mouth or naughty, nah. Let kids be kids. I am not saying tolerate everything, but suggesting that they repeat the class, come on, mate!

Long hair being against school rules, WTF! Does having long hair affect a child’s ability to learn? does it provide resistance to information from entering into the brain. Pathetic fools.

My school too had this stupid rule. Hate it. Just hate it, absolutely pointless. But thankfully, I wasn’t being graded for discipline (Turns out, I have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks God).

If kids aren’t naughty in their school days, then when the hell are they going to be naughty? when they are 50!

What really gets to me is - the measures suggested are always in extremes.

If a kid doesn’t score well, it’s not necessary that he is a abuse victim or is from a broken family, dyslexic or has issues with his father. Some just need to put in a bit more effort. Not all kids have the same capacity to retain or grasp concepts.  But the measures suggested are - either throw the kid at some psychiatric workshop or the likes, or just neglect him all together and say he is simply dumb.

Same situation for this discipline crap too. Arrey, try to find a sensible middle ground. 

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

I second you on all that.....especially the long hair part.

Its my head, my hair and my hair-style. What has tat got to do with my grades or the image of the skool...???

Even I had a tough time with tat, during my skool days....and I would always have a trim (wud neva cut very short - no way), only after getting....atleast 2-3 warnings, from the class-teacher.

Who knows...soon, they will ask the kids...to come clean shaven...where, 'shave' does not only mean the cheeks. ;)

L o r d R a j said...

nice one.