Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whole Day Job

Almost everything over here seems to take an entire day to complete. Doctor’s visit – a day gone. Tests – a day gone (well, that’s fine. At least by the end of the day I have the report). Want to send a courier – takes a day. Other than getting a recharge card, or normal supplies (like milk, curd etc), anything else I have tried over here ends up taking the entire day!

Kind of scary. I might have to get a haircut here and I am thinking how long is that going to take!. BTW I hate switching barbers and was thinking if I could fly down to Kuwait for a few days, in addition to taking care of other things, I could also get my hair cut.

Of course all that depends on what the doctor tells us on the 18th. Papa will be getting another blood test to determine if he is healthy enough to go through the second cycle of chemo.

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