Friday, March 20, 2009

LG X110 - Netbook


Product Page

Got this today, for my sister. Most probably, I will be flying down to Kuwait for a few days. And obviously, my Macbook will be accompanying me on my trip. Sister needs to check her email and papa’s emails, etc. We had left her laptop back in Kuwait. Well, I was trying to be smart and telling them not to carry anything we don’t really need. In fact, I came to India without even a single pair of shades. If any of you know me, you would probably understand why I say that as if it’s a big deal. It really IS.

Anyways, so got her this netbook. Very efficient, for it’s size. Windows XP running on an Intel Atom processor, and you have absolutely no problems at all. Doesn’t cost much. I used by credit card for this, just to see that even with the exchange rate etc, how much would this hit me in KWD. Exact amount - KWD 124.431.


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