Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On My Way To Kuwait

At the Clipper Lounge, Bombay International Airport. (I will never say Mumbai). Flight delayed by 2 hours. Still have a lot of time to waste. 

Lounge is ok. Not as comfortable as I would have liked it to be though. The ones in Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai are a lot better. This one.. err.. it’s ok. It’s a hell lot better than the trash I experienced in Kochi in 2008.

Oh, these guys do have Wifi (praise the lord), but you have to buy an access card. They don’t have the access cards available here. You have to buy it online. Don’t really understand how it would hurt them to keep a few access cards in the lounge itself.

The ground staff at the KAC counters (yes, travelling KAC this time), was rather friendly, helpful. no complaints. Immigration – not happening. Came across a shit load of airport staff who insist on conversing in marathi alone. I think that’s stupid.

For those of you making a face because of the last statement - Oh shut up, will you. Enough of your national and regional pride crap. Had just about enough of this nonsense to last me more than a life time.

Jai Maharashtra.. yeah right.

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Agnel said...

I don't understand why we still have this regionalism in India. It divides people, enough of divisions already :(