Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don’t know if this is the same for all the banks here, but just tried telebanking and it sucks.

The IVR has it’s own issues. you have to enter your ATM Card No. at least twice (and in some cases, 3 times). After that you punch in your Date of Birth. After that you punch in the expiry date of your ATM Card.

Man! and I thought waiting through the service menu to get the option for the service I needed was annoying.

The IVR might ask for the ATM Card No: to be entered again. At this point I got really annoyed and decided to speak to a customer service rep. Big mistake.

They ask you to recollect at least the last 2 transactions effecting your account. They need the exact amounts! (imagine how horrible this is, if you use your ATM card at shopping malls to pay for groceries. You think you could remember the exact amounts, even if you wanted to?) 

Of course, you can tell the guy at the other end to have a heart, or ask him to be a bit practical. You could try to give him just a round figure of the amounts and hopefully he will agree (worked in my case).

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