Thursday, January 6, 2011

Casio’s Prototype Bluetooth Watch



Casio has come up with this prototype that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system to pair up with your mobile phone and the battery is said to last for 2 years.

Once paired, it’s supposed to be able to show alerts (missed calls, sms, Email etc.) and also allow the user to silence the phone’s ringer from the watch itself. In addition to some other equally ridiculous things like syncing the time on your watch to that of your handset (or the other way around, not sure - I couldn’t care less).

Please note – At present, there are no phones in the market that support BLE (so what good does it do to come up with this prototype?)

Furthermore, even if there was a handset that did support BLE and I did happen to own it – I still wouldn’t be getting this hideous watch. In my view - the “functions/features” this watch offers are pointless.

Another reason why I don’t like it – I am NOT a 10 year old.

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