Monday, January 17, 2011

German Firm Develops Internet Eraser For Photos … Huh?

BERLIN (AFP) – A German firm is poised to launch software allowing users to have photos uploaded to websites such as Facebook, MySpace and Flickr erased automatically after a certain time, its head said Wednesday.

The software should prevent the increasingly frequent occurrence of someone being refused a job or running into other embarrassing difficulties after posting a photo that maybe should have been kept private.

Before the user posts the photo, he or she drags it into the programme which assigns it an electronic key that is valid for a limited time period, said Michael Backes, founder of X-Pire.

If someone wishes to view that photo later, the server checks whether the photo has "expired" and blocks it from being displayed if its time is up.


And it’s going to cost 2 Euros a month.

Err… I don’t really see the point of this software. If it were embarrassing or private – why would the user put it up on the web in the first place!

If later on the person realised the pic is potentially embarrassing – I doubt one would want to wait till a specified date for it to be removed. Wouldn’t one go and remove the pic immediately?!?

Not to mention, the software does nothing to stop others from saving a copy of the pic on their own systems (for using at a later time). Even if right-click IS disabled – there is nothing stopping them from taking a screenshot and getting the image.

Let’s just say you are THAT lazy and THAT stupid that you would rather pay 2 Euros a month for a software to delete photos for you. I suggest you have a word with your neighbour’s son who would gladly do it for you. Chances are he would be agreeable to do it for a lower cost.

If not your neighbour’s son, you could always reach out to one of those BPO’s set up in places like India. They are sure to give you a deal on this.

Given the crap people are coming up with, it’s evident they have way too much time on their hands.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

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