Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interesting Feature Highlighted In Samsung Manual – Make Fake Calls



You can simulate an incoming call when you want to get out of meetings or unwanted conversations.


4 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Naaaiiiice! :)

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Elegant Chic.

How are you doing?

It's definitely a nifty 'feature', but I never thought it would ever be documented into a user manual!!

Anonymous said...

Doing gr8! :) How about you?
How's everyone at home?

It sure is! :D

L o r d R a j said...

Good to know that you are doing great.:).

How am I doing?

Same old. Phir puraani wahi kahaani. Nothing to complain about. Or rather, no point in complaining. :)

At home - things are going on. So far so good. Hoping for the best.