Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Picture

Simple and convenient.

Recycle your old phone for cash in UAE or you can opt for a Trade In. You get an evaluation for your old handset online itself.

  • Select the make and model of your handset.
  • Specify if your phone is in working condition or not.
  • The site then gives you a valuation for your handset.
  • Walk in to the retail outlets and submit your phone with a fully charged battery (no need to bring the accessories).
  • You will receive equivalent amount shop vouchers or equivalent amount discount upon the purchase of a new handset from the participating outlets.

FoneSwap can also pick up the phone from your home (no charges) OR you can simply drop off the phone at the nearest FedEx outlet. Payment will be received in 2 working days in the form of:

  • Direct Bank Transfer OR
  • Collect Cash from UAE Exchange outlets OR
  • Gift Vouchers from major retail outlets.

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