Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dhanush 'Kolaveri Di' To Lecture At IIM - A


Dhanush along with cousin and music composer Anirudh Ravichander, will address a class of about 130 students of Contemporary Film Industry (CFI) course at IIM-A.

Bharathan Kandaswamy, faculty and co-ordinator of the course, says, "The hour-and-a-half long lecture will focus on the success story of Kolaveri Di, perception and insights by Dhanush and Anirudh, viral marketing and social media.


What next? Himesh Reshammiya will be appointed as a professor at IIM??! Poonam Pandey giving weekly lectures?

'Kolaveri Di' was a crap song to begin with. The 'Kolaveri Di' success story should be a case study in a medical college for students who have psychology as a subject. It would make sense to figure out why the number of idiots in the world is increasing at such an alarming rate.

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Surya Murali said...

With all this... I still have just one question for you... Why this kolaveri, jaan?
Ok... Couldn't resist that... But, you are right about the psychology study on them. Also, IIM-A students would love those Poonam Pandey lectures... I personally know a few who would find her an interesting case study! :D

L o r d R a j said...


It is pathetic that an institute like IIM is turning into a joke.

There was a time (long long ago) when IIM was highly rated.

Having a Case Study on Lagaan / IPL and now crap like this - You have got to be kidding!!

It is the Indian Institute of Management NOT Indian Institute of Marketing!

Marketing is a SUBJECT / TOPIC and is part of Management. It is not the heart and soul of management.

If you have a good enough product and an effective management - there wouldn't be need for viral marketing at these ridiculous scales.

These people had guest lectures from Lalu Yadav! For the love of god - reclassification of expenses accounts is NOT extraordinary management!!

What Lalu did for the railways can be termed as 'creative accounting' at best.

IIM doing a case study on the 'Dhabbawaala's' of Bombay makes more sense than this crap on Lagaan / IPL / Kolaveri....

BlasphmousB said...

Absolutely agree that it should be a case study for the medical college! The number of brainless bums in the country is on the rise at an alarming rate!