Saturday, February 11, 2012



Stating the obvious – ripped off from Italian Job. Arrey bhai, nakal ke liye bhi akal ki zaroorat hoti hai. 

One major difference – Italian Job was fun to watch. Players – was rather painful. In fact, it was so painful that I didn't even bother to watch it till the end. The first hour or so, is just trash (barring Bipasha, of course).

  • Neil Nitin Mukesh – Not bad.
  • Bipasha Basu is great to look at. She always is. The best part of the film is Bipasha Basu.
  • Sonam Kapoor has been hyped since her launch. She can't act and she doesn't look good. In my view - another Kareena Kapoor. All she can do is make faces. Absolutely no talent, serious lack of screen presence and doesn't look nearly as good as the media / people insist (not to me, anyway).

The rest of the cast can be ignored. Could ignore Sonam Kapoor as well – but couldn't help myself and just had to put that up.

Victor Dada can receive guests in prison. In the prison itself, he can discuss (with his CA) plans for building an educational facility. He can receive DVDs and mobiles with details and plans of the heist. But, for some reason – Victor feels the need to fake a heart attack in order to speak to his CA and introduce him to the other players who will help out with the heist (?!?).

Ahem… kabhi to akal se kaam liya karo!

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