Thursday, February 16, 2012

"It is very clear that a very well-trained person has committed this attack" : Chidambaram


NEW DELHI: Home minister P Chidambaram said on Tuesday that the lone motorcyclist who tried to assassinate an Israeli diplomat's wife here was "a very well-trained person".

"It is very clear that a very well-trained person has committed this attack," Chidambaram said, referring to Monday's bomb attack in the heart of the city that badly injured the wife of the defence attache.


More 'insightful' statements from our politicians. Taaliyaan.


"There is also reason to believe that the target was the Israeli diplomat's wife. Therefore, one has to proceed on the basis that it was a terrorist attack," the minister told reporters.

Of course. Well done, minister. Excellent. Deductive reasoning in action. Allow me to explain –

You see, according to Mr. Chidambaram – if a bomb / exploding device was used to blow up any other woman in any other car, it would be treated as a crime of passion and not a terrorist attack. Probably they would be looking for a jilted lover or a road side Romeo. It is only because the target happened to be the wife of a diplomat – that we are treating it as a terrorist attack.

Is that right, minister? Is that what you meant by your absolutely ridiculous statement?

This is what happens when you ask a finance guy to head the Home Ministry. Doob maro!

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