Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Tolerable first half (well most of it). Second half is just annoying and dragged on (no idea why the producer / director felt the need).

The plot is … not much to talk about. The whole Janardan Jakhar (JJ) to Jordan thing – just didn't make sense to me. Seemed forced. The canteen guy giving career advice / singing advice / love advice?? The reporter trying to dig up some story?? Didn't really need any of that either.

All that nonsense in Kashmir – I skipped that as well. Most of the second half was pointless unnecessary crap.

More nonsense about the bad boy image - I can think of a million better ways of showing how it started. Getting dragged out of your married girl's house is sad/pathetic.

  • JJ getting kicked out of the house because –
    • tension in the family.
    • Idiotic and/or horny sister-in-law who likes touching JJ.
    • Embezzlement.
  • Landing at some shrine, and then leaving from the shrine, and then landing at the canteen guy's house??
  • Going to the record company and messing up but getting another chance because some senior artist thinks you have the gift (after listening to you sing a few lines – just once before).

Seriously?! Couldn't you just show JJ leaving his house? Yes – just picking up his guitar and walking out. Was it really necessary to put in all the drama?

Iss ke sar pe upar waale ka haath hai – For once, try to keep it simple! More wasted footage. BTW, is it really a necessity that a record company HAS TO BE headed by a jerk? Why?

Here is an alternative –

  • JJ walks out of the house (yes, because he feels like it).
  • Sings at some hotel or whatever (well he does have to eat – makes more sense than showing your lead actor living off charity).
  • Gets spotted by a music composer / record company representative (why not?! Only Imtiaz Ali / Karan Johar have rights over the 'convenient coincidence' approach!?).
  • Want to have the 'bad boy' thing going – well again, keep it simple – young successful kid, not so hard to get into trouble. Put in a bit of drugs and there you go – Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Khatam baat. Khoobsurti saadgi mein hi hoti hai. Simple enough and not nearly as annoying. Running time significantly reduced. Absolutely no need to tolerate Nargis Fakhri's pathetic attempt at acting.  

I seriously hope the makers come out with a 'special cut' of the film. A much shorter version – minus all the pointless crap.

  • Ranbir Kapoor – Not bad.
  • Nargis Fakhri – Needs to work on … well – needs to work on everything. Absolute waste of screen space. Not great to look at either (doesn't do it for me).

About the music – As much as I tried to like it – I just couldn't. I did like a few lines in some of the songs, but this really isn't the music that would be playing in my car. Lots of people insisting on how great the Sufi number is. Guys going on and on about Sadda Haq… There are bits in that song that I actually like – but on the the whole – the music was a let down (for me). I have heard better… MUCH better.

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