Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Dirty Picture

Nah, don't want to put up a poster for this post.

A B-grade film about a C-grade actress – dressed up, hyped up and presented as path-breaking / Hatt Ke cinema. It is not really about Silk Smitha. The story would easily apply to just about any C-grade actress (regardless of the era)

It is sad to see films like this being 'appreciated'. Or rather, I feel sad when a third class film like this is appreciated and given awards. To each his own.

Please note, it is not the subject of the film that is ticking me off. It is the production value / direction / acting that I have a problem with. This is NOT a well made film. Because of all the hype - it is being treated as a well made film. It is actually quite horrid.

Goes without saying – this is just my opinion. I am not an authority on film making. I may not be able to tell a good film from a bad film but I do know what I like and this is not even close.

Vidya Balan – This is not an award winning performance. Obviously, it would serve no purpose – but I would like to mention that she did win a lot of awards for what she has done in this film (I refuse to refer to it as acting).

The moaning, groaning, grinding – THAT is acting??! I have seen extras doing a better job. Dialogue delivery lacked the punch. Not convincing as a drunk. Her performance can be described AVERAGE at best.

Also, it doesn't help when you have crappy lines written for you in the script. What is even more disappointing is – when people clap at those crappy lines!?

I am going to watch Parineeta again. This is the only film in which I actually liked Vidya Balan.

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Anonymous said...

i had an idea kuch aisi hi hogi,am gonna watch both rockstar n dirty picture over the long w/e and compare notes!
have a good one!!