Monday, July 9, 2012

It Happens Only In India


They nabbed Qureshi after which he offered to drive the policemen in his brand new Innova vehicle to the police station. Seeing the new vehicle, the policemen obliged Qureshi as he took to the wheel.

When they reached the police station compound, the constable sitting at the rear got down. Qureshi on the pretext of parking the vehicle reversed it and drove away with the other cop besides him.


A bit too filmy, don't you think?

I am guessing only crooks watch bollywood flicks. Cops probably just don't have the time, given their extensive bribe collection routines.

For those still interested, Lucky Qureshi did get caught. But it was only because he banged into a garbage bin on the street while trying to get away and was mobbed by the civilians passing by. The report suggests that the passersby mobbed Qureshi because they thought he was being chased for rash driving.

I wonder… Had the civilians been aware of what was actually going on, they probably would have lined up on either side of the street and cheered for Qureshi as he drove past.

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