Monday, July 16, 2012

"Outrage To Follow UK Headline That Asks If Manmohan Is Sonia's Poodle"


After Time magazine, which branded the Prime minister as an underachiever on its cover just last week, a UK daily has carried a similar piece with a headline that is likely to provoke fierce outrage among the Congress.

"Manmohan Singh: Saviour or Sonia's Poodle" runs in today's edition of The Independent


Outrage ? WTF for??!

The Independent is just ASKING if Manmohan Singh is Sonia's poodle. I am sure everyone would recall, the media had declared as a fact that Tony Blair WAS Bush's pet poodle. In Manmohan Singh's case, at least the media has started it off with a speculation. I simply can not understand why any one would feel outraged (*rolls eyes) by such remarks / comments.

If anyone thinks that this headline is outrageous, then what do they have to say about the countless cartoons that appear in the Indian newspapers (on a daily basis) hinting at the same thing or at times – even worse?
What about all the material stand up comedians use – show after show?
What about the millions of remarks and statements given by other politicians themselves?
Hell, there have been comments which suggested that Manmohan Singh wasn't even a man.

Such mockery is part of a public life and there is absolutely no reason to (over) react to this (The Independent's headline).

People SHOULD have better things to do with their time than to feel outraged every time something like this is published about a politician. If people don't have better things to do, they should simply cease to exist.  End their miserable useless existence and do the rest of us a favour.

Spare me the lecture. A person with such a narrow approach and so much free time on his hands (to be OUTRAGED at a public figure being mocked in the media) is a burden on this already pathetic world. One less idiot in the world makes things better for all of us.

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao… aur faaltu ke issue mat banaao. Now, where did I keep that Tommy Gun?

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